I made this blog to discuss and keep track of my weight loss journey. This blog is very personal to me and I will not tolerate any negativity on this website. This is a site to document my loss and fight, and also to help others.

I will be using Weight Watchers for my weight loss and I will be making weekly weight updates, as suggested by WW, on Thursday.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to message me. I have a personal blog and also a youtube channel where I will be posting updates. I will link those below.



Oh hello again….

I haven’t been on here in some time and I’d like to say it was for a good reason but it really wasn’t. 

I fell behind a lot and eventually gave up with it. I just didn’t care enough about myself to do anything good you know? I just gave up. 

I climbed out of that rut and I am starting new. I’m not with WW anymore because we couldn’t pay so they cancelled my membership. I feel like it’s too expensive anyways, so I started with My Fitness Pal. I walk everyday (except Sunday because that’s my rest day) and I feel great and motivated! I made a new blog for my journey which you can follow right here! I’ll also link it below just in case it doesn’t work there. 

I’m much more active on that one than I was here. I also have an instagram account as well. I’ll probably keep this blog up for a bit and repost this blog a few times so my followers on here can see. 

Thank you all for the support and I hope to see you on my new journey!!


Check in: October 4th, 2012

Weight: 288.4 :D

I’ve been losing weight!! I haven’t gained in the past three weeks and even if I lose one pound in a week I still am losing. 

Sorry I’ve been slacking on video updates but I have little to no alone time to make a video. But I figured I’d make this small update and let you guys know that I’m alive and losin weight :D

Thanks again for all the support guys I really love it all.

Check in September 14th 2012

Weight: 293.6

I lost 2.2 pounds!!

Weight: 294.8

I prefer the video check ins. Thoughts? :3

Check In: August 16th, 2012

Weight: 295.0

Gained: .6 pounds

Should I do more video updates?

Check in: August 2nd, 2012

Weight: 296.4

I didn’t do an update last week, I know. Part of that was because I was bloated because this week is my time of the month. So of course, I gained weight. Last week I gained .2 pounds, not bad, and this week I gained 2.2. But considering I normally gain about 5 pounds on my period, that isn’t so bad.

Another reason I didn’t do a check in last week was because my sister’s birthday was last week and we had a party to plan and dinner to go to, and all that fun stuff. Also, my laptop broke. 

Anyways, there’s not a lot to report on besides the fact that I’ve been a lot more active and willing to walk more and be a bit more active to gain those extra points to trade into weekly points. 

Other than those few things, I’ve got not a lot to report on. OH WAIT.

My mom and I were talking about how sometimes, I get a bit annoyed when everyone is snacking and eating freely and when I want a snack, I need to worry about counting it and measuring it and all that. So she thought it would be okay for me to have a free day every once in a while. I used the day of my sister’s party as a free day. I didn’t go crazy and eat everything in sight, I was very active that day and didn’t eat much, but I didn’t record anything. I do have to tell you though, I felt super guilty afterwards and felt off haha. 

So THAT’S everything that I need to report. Sorry for the lack of updating, I hate weighing and updating at “this time” because I know I gain weight. 

Hope everyone else enjoyed their July and is ready to bring in August!


Check in: July 19th, 2012

Weight: 294

I lost three pounds! (Actually last week on my weigh-in, I was also having my time of the month, and when I have that I’m always a few pounds heavier.)

So this week was a pretty big struggle for me. I wanted to snack more, and yesterday I ate more than my points because I just had a hankering for hot cheetos. Also, I used a majority of my weekly points (extra points you get to divvy up, and you get more when you get activity points) on loukoumades. Greek Fest comes around once a year and I never get those so I splurged. 

But when I do splurge or go over my points, I feel guilty. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or bad thing but I do tend to feel guiltier when I go over.

Not much on this update but yeah. I’m also thinking about doing video check ins instead. I can talk more and can convey my words better through video than I can in typing haha. 

Check in: July 12th, 2012

Weight: 297 Gained a pound.

I know some people are gonna be like “Oh shut up it’s just a pound, one measly pound.” Well to me, since I’m trying to be healthier and really trying to self discipline myself into sticking with this, it’s a big deal.

I’m pretty disappointed in myself for the whole week. I was -1 point on my weekly points, meaning I went way overboard. My mistake was probably having Popeye’s on Sunday night. But another thing is I have also been mis-measuring some things so my points might not have gotten exact. 

Not much of an update really, but I am a bit upset with myself. :3

Check in: July 5th 2012

Weight: 296

I got my first milestone on WW which is  for losing my first five pounds. In total, I’ve lost 6 pounds since I started!

This week was kinda rough, but not with eating and portions and everything. The week was rough for other reasons. I have been noticing that I’ve been more aware of labels, and servings, and also been a bit more reluctant to snack. When I get snacks or something, I am more hesitant to snack because I know I have to log what I eat, and I also know that if I have X snack, that’s less I can eat for another meal or something. 

I’m also not as hungry throughout the day as I used to be. I make it a point to eat breakfast, or right when I wake up so I get something in my system, but other than that I’m not as hungry.

Other than those few notes, not much to report. Thank you guys so much for supporting me and rooting for me, and if you have any questions or anything send me a message on here or on my personal. If I get one on my personal, I’ll answer it privately if you’d like :)